DPSU OECTA hosts dinner to honour retirees, teachers and parents

DSC_0015June 3, 2014 – DPSU OECTA continued their long tradition of honouring dedicated retirees and teachers who have attained 25 years or more of teaching experience. DPSU also honoured parent Pauline McNally-Monkhouse with the Parent of the Year Award for her outstanding volunteer work as a coach and chaperone for the Iona volleyball program for both boys and girls. Retiring teachers were given a plaque and gift that was presented by DPSU President Peter MacDonald. Teachers marking 25 years of service in teaching were presented with a pin by DPSU Past President Brock Commeford. The pins and the plaques commemorate the dedication and commitment to teaching students. DPSU salutes their service and offers congratulations on a job well done. The evening was hosted by Pat Kay, staff representative and teacher at St. Paul S.S. who acted as emcee and helped the event progress during the evening.

DPSU also offers special thanks to Cori Nay, Radouan Abou Faysal and Serina Lewis of the social committee who did an outstanding job organizing the event. The Murphy Auditorium at the Educator’s Centre was decorated with streamers, flowers, candles and lovely table décor. There was also live music which everyone enjoyed, not to mention a buffet featuring delicious appetizers, entrees and desserts. Members in attendance also got their picture taken to remember the special event and share with their friends and families.

Thanks to all who contributed to the event to make it a special evening for all in attendance.

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