Follow it:

It is not enough to recognize and report violence, it is important for you to follow up on your actions and concerns, and to follow steps needed to keep you safe at work.

  • After submitting any forms to admin (GF390, GF395 or SSIRF-GF025), you should follow up with the admin to ensure that you have received your copy within the time expected. Do not simply assume that you will get it someday, or that the unit would already know what is happening.
  • Make copies of all forms or other documentation, and send a copy of any GF390s to the unit office by courier, or fax it to (905) 564-7214 to the attention of the Worker Co-Chair.
  • Read your school’s Risk Assessment and look to see if any measures or controls should already be in place.
  • If there is some kind of a safety plan that is developed, ask to have input into it, and ensure that you are following it.

Remember that, under the Act, the admin has a responsibility to inform staff of the potential for risk from a person with a history of violence.

Finally, remember your three rights under the Act:

  • The right to know
  • The right to participate and
  • The right to refuse unsafe work

Following up on reports helps others know about potential hazards.