Parties Respond to OECTA’s Questions about Education and Labour Rights


OECTA recently posed five questions to both the Ontario New Democratic and Ontario Liberal Parties about education and labour rights.

Click on the quotes below to read and download the complete responses of each party to all five questions.

“New Democrats support continued public funding for Ontario’s four education systems. Ontario’s publicly funded schools are built on the strength of our diversity and the dedication of Ontario’s teachers and education workers.”  

“That is why Ontario Liberals support the ongoing recognition of qualifications and experience in teacher salaries. We oppose merit/performance pay structures because they do not recognize the complex factors teachers deal with when supporting student success.” 

We encourage you to read, share and discuss the complete responses from the parties. We didn’t ask the Ontario PCs as any response is irrelevant in light of their plans for education that include eliminating thousands of teachers and education workers and slashing at least $1.2 billion from the education budget. Nor did we ask Green Party as their platform includes the elimination of public funding for Catholic schools.