Speak for Children Ads & Videos – Spread the Message!

Who saw our ads yesterday?

For the next three weeks there will be two different ads running each week. This week it is Jennah and Carlos. These ads and the four-two minute videos are on speakforchildren.ca  


Spread the message!

Haven’t seen them yet? We have received many positive messages such as this one.

“As I was watching the finale of American Idol, I had the pleasure to watch a commercial, a wonderful commercial from OECTA –  a young girl explaining why she wanted to become a doctor. I thought it was brilliant, inspiring and full of hope! It made me proud and I wanted to thank you for that!” 

The NDP released their election platform. We are preparing a three party platform comparison to be sent out to you early next week.

Many of you have forwarded copies of your unit election newsletters. Share them with other unit presidents. There are a lot of great ideas out there!