2015 Spoken Word Video Contest

Use your creativity to develop an original spoken word video that depicts one of the issues outlined on the contest poster.

What is Spoken Word Poetry?

For information on Spoken Word Poetry, visit http://www.nelson-atkins.org/images/PDF/Calendar/PoetrySlam_SpokenWord.pdf

Who Can Enter?

Any student enrolled in a Dufferin-Peel Secondary program.

What Are the Topics You Are Looking For?

The video should reflect women’s issues either globally, nationally or locally. Some examples include:

Global National Local
Access to EducationChild Marriages

Dowry/Honour Killing

Female Infanticide

Forced Labour

Human Trafficking

Rage as a Weapon of War

Unequal Access to Resources

Vulnerable Employment

Aboriginal WomenDomestic Violence

Financial Independence


Immigrant Women

Physical/Sexual Abuse


Sexual Harassment

Publicly Funded Childcare


Date Rape

Eating Disorders

Family Pressure

Personal Safety

Social Media

Self Esteem



How Do I Enter?

Videos must be uploaded to YouTube and submitted through the form below.

Contest Rules:

  1. Students who are under 18 must receive written permission from their parents to enter.
  2. Video entries must be between 2 and 4 minutes long.
  3. Students must not use professional assistance or copyrighted images or music.
  4. Video submissions must be respectful, free from profanity or offensive content (racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting or life-threatening content). Video content must be in English.
  5. Students should take all precautions to prevent injuries and take all appropriate health and safety precautions for themselves and others involved. Entries will be judged by a panel of judges from the DPSU OECTA Status of Women committee. Videos that meet all eligibility requirements will be judged on:
    1. 20% creativity
    2. 20% impact and persuasiveness
    3. 30% overall presentation of women issues
    4. 30% technical quality
  6. Winning videos will be posted on Dufferin-Peel Secondary Unit website.
  7. Prizes awarded will be gift cards, $200 for first place, $150 for second place and $100 for third place.
  8. Winners will be notified by telephone or email that their entry has been chosen by June 10th, 2015. At this time, winners will be notified of the procedure to follow to claim the applicable prize. Prizes awarded to a team will be split equally among the team members. If an individual or a team leader declines the prize, it will be forfeited and awarded to another entry in accordance with contest rules.

How to upload a video to YouTube:

First, you must have a YouTube channel:

  1. You must first login to YouTube using you Google (YouTube or Gmail) account. If you do not have one, you can register here: https://accounts.google.com/signup
  2. Go to create a channel (if you already have a channel, the link will take you to it).
  3. Check the details and click OK to create your new channel.

You can visit https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/57407?hl=en for instructions on uploading videos using your computer or mobile device.

How to submit your video to the 2015 Spoken Word Video Contest:

To submit your video, click the link below