child02TORONTO – Who Speaks for Children in the upcoming provincial election? That is the question the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) is encouraging all Ontarians to ask when they go to the polls on June 12, 2014.

“Our non-partisan campaign is designed to bring issues of importance about children, such as education,
childcare and poverty, to the forefront in this provincial election,” says OECTA President James Ryan.
“We are encouraging Ontarians to ask the candidates how their parties ‘speak for children’ and then
make an informed choice on election day.”

OECTA’s campaign is dedicated to ensuring a factual, positive discussion about the state of our publicly
funded education system – because Ontario’s future prosperity depends upon the ability to provide all
children the opportunity to realize their full potential.

“Ontario needs to graduate students with advanced knowledge and skills who can address increasingly
complex issues,” adds Ryan. “This cannot be achieved if we are only focused on reducing expenditures
or going ‘back to basics’. We need investments that will eliminate child poverty, foster innovation, and
enhance our publicly funded education system.”

The Speak for Children campaign includes billboards and transit ads in various communities across the
province. The campaign also features a video series and TV ads that celebrate Ontario’s students and
teachers. The videos present 14 former and current students, who share their unscripted insights and
perspectives on Ontario’s education system.

“We are proud of our students who speak for themselves, from the heart, about their positive
experiences in school,” says Ryan. “We are confident that Speak for Children will help spark a necessary
conversation about the kind of society we want and the services we need in Ontario,” says Ryan.

Visit http://www.speakforchildren.ca